Don’t worry, I’m alive!

Two members of my fan club (my mom and my sister) have reached out to me about writing a new blog post and something occurred to me. It’s kind of horrible to write about your cancer treatment, successfully finish treatment, and then totally leave people hanging. What if a person who doesn’t know me stumbles upon this blog, and then doesn’t get to find out that I’m alive and kicking? That would totally suck. So, I’m pretty fine. My hair hasn’t really started growing in yet (what’s there looks a lot like baby hair) and I’m still fatigued, but I don’t need to get any more treatments so I’m gooood.

Tomorrow I’m getting a PET scan to make sure that everything is really over which means that today, on Ben and Jerry’s free cone day of all days, I’m supposed to be abstaining from sugar. At least tomorrow I get to drink one of these bad boys:

After being blessed with the opportunity to try two flavors (so far), I’ve decided that they’re all pretty gross. Calling it a smoothie is misleading and the flavors are so disgustingly artificial. Can’t wait to see which ones they have available tomorrow!

And I actually have more things that I could write about like (spoiler alert) the wonderful experience of going through menopause at 26! So hopefully I won’t drag my feet on writing the next post. But I probably will.